Detroit Lions Looking to the Future – Not the Past

May 27, 2022 0 Comments

year and held firm through one of the worst seasons on record. The attitude of the Detroit team has always been one of strength against all adversity, and some new restructuring of the squad is set to make the players more cohesive than ever before.

Even with the shrinking economy of the auto industry, Michigan citizens are rallying behind their home team. The number of fans who are already requesting Detroit Lions tickets is further emphasis of the support and commitment from the community. In the 2009 season, the Lions will symbolize the ability to rebuild and conquer, not only for the sport of football, but for the city of Detroit.

History of the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions play on Ford Field in Michigan, but ufabetบนมือถือ their original name was the Spartans when they were located in Portsmouth, Ohio back in 1929. At this time, they were still an independent pro football group, which was not uncommon in Ohio. The team became a member of the NFL in 1930 because the small, unaffiliated teams of the area could not weather the times of the depression. Four years later the Spartan team was sold and the players moved to Detroit.

The 2008 season was when the Detroit Lions were unable to win any of their regular games. Fans with Detroit Lions tickets did not let the losses bend their spirit, and they continued to go to the games and cheer on their team. The Lions ended the football year with a record of 0-16, which had never before happene

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