Your Fourth Youth Football Practice, What Now?

April 13, 2022 0 Comments

Our Fourth Football Practice

Today in practice we concentrated exclusively on defense. Many youth football coaches often neglect to put in the defense until the last week before their teams first game. While my personal teams are known for scoring copious amounts of points and our offense, we spend as much time on our defense as we do the offense.

Our teams focus on defense is not just in word, but in deed. We always angle form tackle in the first 10 minutes of EVERY practice. Proper Tackling is a critical success factor when coaching youth football and we show our commitment to being a great tackling team by angle form fit tackling in the first 10 minutes of every practice.

Again we were very efficient with our time on our dynamic warmups and angle form tackling, getting it down well within 10 minutes.

Both groups did a full speed very close quarters tackling drill, face to face with barely enough room to put a piece of paper between their helmets and with a 2 yard boundary. This is done in 3 groups in competitive format to insure players are working against kids of similar ability, losers แทงบอลออนไลน์ move to the left, winners to the right. We then went to 3 slot challenge tackling drill to see how the kids operated in a little more “space”. In both of these drills, the older and younger teams are running separate groups.

Next we brought the younger and older kdis back together for some individual work. We divided into 3 groups, down linemen, bearcrawlers and “players in space” (linebackers, D-Backs and D- Ends). The bearcrawlers worked on the base technique using several drills, a bearcrawl relay race, squeeze through 2 tall dummies, squeeze to form tackle fit and squeeze to pass recognition drills. The d-linemen worked on the base swim move, swim to form tackle fit and swim to pass recognition. The “in space” players worked on base pass coverage techniques, proper hip turn and some open field pursuit angles. Every drill used in these practice segments are using ball movement only as the starting point of the drill. All of these drills are detailed in the book.

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